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Skating Club of Hingham Massachusetts, Member of USFSA and NEICC
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Skating Club of Hingham - Club Policies/Rules and Regulations, Notes
Reviewed as of 7/1/15.

General Rules
These rules are applicable for all Skating Club of Hingham ice sessions.

  1. Skaters and parents are advised that any abuse of the rules and regulations of The Skating Club of Hingham may result in the skater being excused from the ice for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. Courtesy is expected at all times on the ice. There will be no profanity of any type. Discourteous comments regarding any skaters, professionals or parents in the building or on the ice will not be tolerated. Any person aware of a violation should submit a written complaint to the Board of Directors.
  3. Skaters or professionals should not sit on the barriers at any time. The safety issues associated with skate blades dangling off the ice necessitates strict enforcement of this rule. Coaches may coach from off the ice if their feet are cold.
  4. For safety reasons, the Board of Directors have the authority to remove a skater from the ice if their behavior or ability places the skater or other skaters at risk, regardless of level.
  5. Ice Holds – It is the responsibility of the skaters to be on time for sessions in order for enough time for checking in skaters, and informing non-member walk-on skaters of their status for the session. In the event that a skater is late for a session: a) Ice will not be held for full members more than ten (10) minutes after the start of the session unless a call is made prior to the start of the session. On occasion, skaters may be late due to other commitments, traffic, etc. Any skater who will be more than ten (10) minutes late on a particular day must call a club officer present to have their spot held or it may be sold as a walk-on. b) Permanent Holds: If you know that you will regularly be late because of other commitments, please contact the Baord  to place a “Permanent Hold” on the ice. Ice on “Permanent Hold” status will be held for no longer than ten (10) minutes. In exchange for this courtesy, it is expected that the skater will notify the club office on days that he or she will not be using their ice. The “Permanent Hold” courtesy is granted at the discretion of the club and will be revoked if a skater fails to notify the club of their absence on three or more occasions during the skating season.

Freestyle Rules

  1. “Right of Way” will be given to the skater doing his or her program. 
  2. A skater who has already started entry to a jump should be given the right of way. NOTE: This does not mean that if a skater is spinning or doing footwork that they have to defer to the jumper. This means if one person is skating and not in a specific move and sees another entering a jump, the skater starting the jump should have the right of way as a matter of safety.
  3. Programs will be played in the order they are placed in line. A skater in lesson may have their coach "bump" the line once, until all other skaters in lesson have gone once that ask. A coach may not bump more than twice until all skaters in line have gone at least 1 time.
  4. Each skater is personally responsible for checking in for each and every session before they get on the ice. 
  5. All  non-member CDs are placed at the end of the rotation behind club members.
  6. Skaters not on lesson may not bump any other skater who is waiting in the line. 
  7. Skaters should refrain from talking or standing in groups in the corners or middle of the ice. Skaters should generally keep moving when they are on the ice. If they need a break, they should leave the ice.
  8. Before moving away from the barrier or when stepping onto the ice surface, the skater should make sure he or she is not in the path of another skater. “Heads Up” at all times.
  9. All skaters are expected to get up immediately after a fall unless stunned or injured.

Walk-on Rules

  1. All walk-on skaters must be members of the USFS or ISI. Non-members must produce their USFS or ISI membership card upon request. Non-member walk-on skaters are allowed on the ice at the discretion of the Board member present at the rink.
  2. The order of preference for walk-on skaters is as follows: a) Full members ; b) Beginner Members; c) Crossover; d) Basic Skills members having a lesson that day, e) Alumni/Adult members; f) Collegiate members; g) Non-club USFS skaters.
  3. All skaters MUST sign in prior to taking the ice and must pay by cash, check or coupon. 
  4. Any non-member professional who wishes to teach on any SCOH club ice or activities, must present their USFS coaching credentials including proof of liability. The SCOH reserves the right to revoke any "non-staff member" coaching privileges at any time at our discretion. 

Walk-on Payment

  1. All walk-on skaters must sign in and pay the Club Representative before going onto the ice.
  2. Payment for walk-ons are made to the Skating Club of Hingham, payable by check, cash or coupon.

Notes from the Rink:  These helpful hints have been compiled by members and pros. They are "unwritten rules" and are noted here so that all may have an enjoyable skating experience on and off the ice!


  1. Lobby/Locker Room - We are allowed to use a locker toom each day through the courtesy of the owners of Bavis Rink. Please refrain from eating and drinking messy things in the designated areas. Please help to keep the rink neat so that we may have the continued pleasure of using it.

  2. Corners - Many skaters set up their jumps in the comers of the rink. Please be aware of this when you are practicing and please allow them "the right of way" when they are doing their programs. Do not "hang" in the corners of the rink.

  3. Center of the Rink - Most skaters programs are patterned so that they are frequently passing through the middle of the ice surface when doing their programs. Please be aware of this and do not practice entirely in one portion of the rink. Try to vary your practice areas.
    Remember NO ONE has dibs on any spot in the rink!!

  4. Equal Ice - Remember that all skaters have paid the same price to be skating for the session. However, please be aware of others around you, and please try to be cognizant of someone doing their program or having a lesson. Programs have the right of way! Stay aware!