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Skating Club of Hingham Massachusetts, Member of USFSA and NEICC

Club Policies


Directions to Mark Bavis Ice Arena



Off Ice Stretch Class 

New session dates will be posted soon. Increase your flexibility and learn the proper way to stretch before and after skating. Email us with any questions.



2018/2019 Season 

All sessions are limited to twenty (22) skaters. All skaters must have an active USFS or ISI membership number. (All walk-ons, who are not members of the SCOH, must present proof of  USFS or ISI membership prior to walking on the ice). 



Winter Ice Schedule

Nov 26th 2018 through Feb 28th 2019



3:20-4:50 PM


3:50-4:50 PM


8:20 AM9:20 AM

10:50 AM-11:50 AM


Walk-on rate for 50 or 60 minutes is $20. (SCOH members may pay $10 for 30 minutes). 

Non-Club Professionals wishing to teach on Skating Club of Hingham ice MUST provide their USFS number and evidence of insurance to the Board of Directors of the Club prior to teaching on these sessions. In addition, all guest professionals must have passed a background check as required by the USFS and their name MUST be on the Registered Coaches list in order to teach on any SCOH ice sessions. Non-club professionals will be held to the same standard of professionalism as SCOH staff coaches, and may have coaching privileges revoked at any time by the Board of Directors.