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Skating Club of Hingham Massachusetts, Member of USFSA and NEICC
    About - Professional Staff

Your skating pro will become your personal instructor. The relationship between a skater and pro is a personal contract and the skating professionals set their own fees, which are in addition to ice fees paid to the club. You will be billed by the pro directly. The following is a list of Skating Club of Hingham Staff. 

MaryKate Clark G
Doreen Coggeshall G, FS, MIF, H
Laurie DeMarco G, FS, MIF, H    
Alexis Demetriades FS, G
Bevin Gray  FS, G
Lauren Happ  FS, G, D, MIF
Morgan Kenney FS, G
Michael Phaneuf D, G
Sheighlin Rose G
Kim Ryan FS, MIF, G, H
Leslie Ryan FS, MIF, G, H
Elizabeth Shaughnessy  FS, MIF, G, H
Melinda Sweezey


Fran Trudeau


Samantha Yodzio FS, G


FS = Freestyle
MIF = Moves in the Field
D = Dance
FIG = Figures

H = Harnass

G = Group

P = Pairs

The Professional Skaters of America (PSA) rates the teaching qualifications of member professionals upon the request of that member. Professionals may be rated in figures and freestyle, dance, pairs and group instruction. A PSA rating certifies that a professional has passed a certain test himself or had a student pass that test, has taught for a minimum number of years, and has passed an oral rating exam before a board of examiners of the PSA.