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Skating Club of Hingham Massachusetts, Member of USFSA and NEICC
    About - Professional Staff

Your skating pro will become your personal instructor. The relationship between a skater and pro is a personal contract and the skating professionals set their own fees, which are in addition to ice fees paid to the club. You will be billed by the pro directly. The following is a list of Skating Club of Hingham/Silver Blades Staff. 

Rachelle DiBona
Kim Clark
MaryKate Clark
Laurie DeMarco
Lauren Happ
Justine Naper
Tara O'Brien
Alexa Parham
Liz Shaughnessy
Fran Trudeau
Cecille Valliere
Noelle Weill
Ashlee Wright
Samantha Yodzio


Please contact us at skatingclubofhingham@gmail.com to inquire about our coaching staff.